Lily’s thought-patterns go something like this:

“Huh! That’s funny.”
“Huh, they’re talking.”
“Blugh, talking talking talking.”
“Let’s do something.”

Still, trying to pickpocket the all-important mafia boss is a bit too much. Why doesn’t she discuss this beforehand, with the other players? We’ve seen how they try to be considerate of each other, numerous times, so what’s going on here? I think it’s because this specific session has gained an atmosphere of “Woo-hoo! Let’s go a bit wild” ever since this page, and now the players accept – maybe even expect – higher risks, and the possible dramatic consequences in case of failure.

Powerful news! Ka-blow!

We are happy to announce that we are deep into development of an upcoming Crystal Heart setting book for Savage Worlds! Yesterday we started looking for volunteer playtesters to try out the new rules and report their experience. Full details are available on our Patreon and on our socials. We already received tons of enthusiastic replies, which is just as satisfying as you imagine it is.

We are now looking for some diversity. If you’re anything but a 25-45 white male, we’d like you to play our game, so we can get your point of view on it. We have nothing against 25-45 white males – some of us, indeed, fit this description quite well – but we’ve got tons of applications from people of this demographic group, and we would like to hear from some other people as well. We’re also looking for non-American people, for the same reasons.

Previous experience with Savage Worlds is not required, and we’ll even provide you with adventures. Don’t hesitate to contact us, at

Meet us this Wednesday!

Lots of people are coming to Leisure Games this Wednesday evening for a charity event, don’t you want to be one of them? Don’t you deserve the honour of meeting people such as Satin Pheonix, Grant Howitt, and the Rusty Quill guys? And also say hi to the two of us? Come!