What is her Crystal’s Disposition, anyway?…

Ah, yes.

Here’s what we have to say about Disposition in the Crystal Hunters setting book, currently in development:

Each Crystal has a Disposition, usually a personality trait but occasionally a physical disability, which is related in some way to its theme. The Disposition is usually expressed in the form of a Hindrance. An Agent socketing the Crystal suffers from its Disposition at all times. Some Agents find their personality completely overturned in a moment, while others are merely somewhat troubled by thought patterns they’re not used to. The higher the Rank of the Crystal, the stronger its Disposition.

An Agent might find themselves socketing a Crystal that gives them a Hindrance they already have. In that case, all mechanical effects are increased by one and a half, rounded up. For example, being Mean twice incurs a -3 Charisma penalty. If the Hindrance doesn’t have a mechanical effect, the character’s natural inclinations become almost all-consuming. Should an opportunity presents itself to act according to her Hindrance, she must make a Spirit roll or suffer from stressful, intrusive thoughts. Whether the character decides to act according to these urges or fights against them is up to the player, but either way, the conflict should be played out in some way, probably rewarded with a Benny.



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