This definitely happens all the time. Just like with natural 20 in D&D, and Advantages in Genesys and Star Wars, exploding dice in Savage Worlds provide a reason to roll the dice even if everything seems bleak and a success seems unlikely. I think that randomizers, in almost any system, should have a possible Hail Mary result so that there’s always the chance, always some excitement, with rolling the dice. Even with a negative 6 modifier.


We finished our convention tour for this summer! A single day at the UK Games Expo wasn’t enough, but thanks to some pre-arranged games, we managed to finally meet and play with the Semi Co-op peeps, who are just as lovely as you probably imagined they are, as well as with the wonderful, so-very-pleasant guys from Behind the Box, and also this awesome dude named Mike (who said something every GM is proud to hear). We had fantastic chemistry at the table, and the game ran like butter down a Slurpsnout’s trunk.

We even managed to have a 30 minute game of Word Blast with Jon of Actualol fame, or at least I think it was called Word Blast; it’s a simple yet clever party game that’s sort of like reverse-Codenames. I have no idea how Jon had the energy to explain yet another game after two days of explaining games – and I used to do this exact thing for a living for several years.


If you participated in the big charity raffle by Paul of Gaming Rules!, you also had a chance to win this brilliant piece by Aviv: