This is a page I thought a lot about. Nothing much happens here – and we generally prefer moving the story forward whenever possible. But I like what this page hints about the dynamics around the table in “the real world” – players do spend a lot of time not moving the story forward. They love banter, and if they’re into the lore, they love showing off their knowledge of it. We could have shown this from the players’ perspective, but I think it’s more fun to show it expressed in-game.

Finally, of course, players just like giving a good show. YEAAAHHHH



On June 27th we’re going to participate in The Rolistes‘ (they’re a UK-based RPG podcast) charity event, in Leisure Games, alongside such names as Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg of Maze Arcana, Grant Howitt, and Paul Flannery. Much honour. COME! MEET!


You might remember I ran a Crystal Heart one-shot game for the guys from Semi Co-op (and Behind the Box, who said my game was the highlight of their weekend!!). Today both Aviv and I were astonished to see Rachel’s new comic, which is a fateful and colourful recreation of some of the parts of the adventure. You have to see it.

On the matter of art: Aviv got inspired by D&D’s three days of streaming, the Stream of Many Eyes. Here’s her depiction of this excellent fun adventure. I really liked Mark Hulmes’s GM-ing style – Player-enabling, forward-propelling, entertainment-first approach.

We continue with Deborah Ann Woll’s game, Briarcleft: