Realworld-gameworld time dilation is just like saving in video games – it gives the players an unfair advantage over NPCs. And good for them!

June is over (…I’m pretty sure),┬áso as we noted at the beginning of the month, we donated our share of all DriveThruRPG revenue from the month to #BlackLivesMatter, and we’re happy to say that comes up to $217 – most of which is from the Crystal Heart core book, which is currently PWYW, so thank you, contributors!

We will now return to our previously-scheduled weekly questions, as issued by our patrons to our characters. And today, Maedh asks: “What’s the best Stunt you’ve ever tried/achieved?

Guy: Mac believes that Stunts are ad-hoc, half-assed solutions, which can always be prevented by just being more prepared. Also I’m not really good with coming up with them, so that’s why he thinks that.

Lily: When I still had Solid Stone, or Stone Heart, or whatever was its name, I used a stunt to turn almost completely still and cold, to make Muna think I died, and it was hilarious. Maybe that was a ‘casual use’? Whatever, 10/10, will do again.

Rotem: Navigating in the dark by thoughts, absolutely best Stunt ever.

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