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How to Decide What She Should Roll

Here are the considerations running through Nadav’s mind.

  1. We’re running out of time on this session. Either we finish early so we can have a big fight with the robot next session, or Rotem resolves this now.
  2. In either case, I want this to feel satisfying and dangerous. A fight is automatically so; a series of rolls by Rotem can be so, but requires some planning.
  3. How many Bennies does she have? Hmm, three, probably enough. AND she has the Elan Edge, which gives her +2 when she spends a Benny. She can face about three difficult rolls and succeed, if she’ll be using skills she’s good with.
  4. Making three roll will be satisfying, but it won’t feel dangerous. I need some consequences. I can go with wounds, but the whole point here is that if she succeeds, the robot doesn’t activate at all. Ohhh, Fear check! It makes sense in context, and it feels dangerous.
  5. “What, exactly are you trying to achieve?”
  6. Let’s break this down. So she’ll need to find a Life Abundance area; remain in control while in bird form; get to the robot before it finds everyone; and then Intimidate or Engineering or something to shout at it to shut down.
  7. Let’s skip the “get to the robot”, it’s not satisfying or dangerous.
  8. Finding the area should require a check, because of story reasons – I want them to always remain mysterious and unpredictable. So a Survival or Notice, she’s good with those.
  9. Remaining in control is a Spirit check, we’ve already established that. Before it required a raise, but I want to be quick here and avoid any modifiers (it’s just one of three rolls), so we’ll skip this requirement too.
  10. The last one will be Intimidate, she’s pretty okay with that.
  11. Oh right, and Fear! So that’s four checks. But failing the Fear won’t affect her chances of success, so it’s fine.

Aviv Streams Hades

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Eran Edits Theory

Three articles about RPG theory, from the desktop of the Israeli scene: The first claims there are no characters, the second claims everyone’s a GM, and the third says the game doesn’t have a story. They can be a bit heady, but very useful, I think.

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