Oh hey, isn’t that… isn’t that the proud dude from the first page? I think it is. Yeah, I’m pretty sure!

By now you probably know we rather avoid ‘villains’, per se. We prefer ‘antagonists’, who are just people, placed in a situation where they’re moving to act against our heroes in ways that put both sides into conflict.

Contessa is not nice, but she is not the moustache-twirling baddy she first appeared to be; Duritta is horrible, but she in the last pages we see she is also dutiful and even shows respect to Raffaela – she’s a soldier on a mission, and has nothing personal against our heroes; and Tu’ali is… I donno, he’s kinda cute if you ask me, I like him. Oh, and Natasha, for sure. She tried to kill Mac’s brother, remember? I think he’s an antagonist too, actually.

Antagonists may act on wrong information, or be mislead, or just misunderstand the situation – but they’re not bad, they’re people.

That being said, we do have three villainy villains, at least as they appear to be so far: Arman (dastardly cowboy hat), who literally murdered some kids and has done nothing else we’re aware of; Boss Honda, a power hungry bastard who strived to keep a status quo of inequality because he benefited from it; and Doctor Pikenheinmer, who was after glory and renown and had no problem killing some folks hailing from a different city and class than his own.

Your view of Arman might change in the future; Honda is literally just a personification of the systemic class struggle; and as for the Doctor, I would have liked to give him some more screen time, but it’s a limited resource – and minor, one-time characters are the first to be pushed off the character development train. Not everyone’s a creator- and fan-favorite like Natasha, who gets to reappear, and therefore, develop.

So just so you’ll know, the Doctor is also a passionate painter and he loves dogs.


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