That’s Maseians for you! And Bogovians! That’s people!

The beasts are capybisons, created by Aviv because “don’t want to draw horses” (not exact quote). We discussed this, Maseian gender politics, and more, on Aviv’s stream yesterday. If you’re not yet following her Twitch channel, you probably should, she’s attracting an interesting crowd.

My New Game – 3 Last Days

Menagerie of the Void is my new an unnerving single-player storytelling game about guiding ancient, unreasonable machines in an attempt to preserve a strange assortment of alien beings.

It’s weird and melancholic and if you liked Crystal Heart, you might like this – although for very different reasons. Please check it out, and help me by spreading the word! Thank you.

You can now also see the game being played on Figment RP’s channel, with both Aviv and I in chat.