Off we go, to adventure! 

What mysteries await in the Maseian wilds?! And what further mysteries away within our own minnndsssss

As is customary, we’re taking a month-long break to recuperate and focus our attention on the storyline for chapter 6. We’ll therefore also hit pause on the Pateron for this month; if you’re a newcomer patron, hey, thank you very much!, you’re welcome to join, it’s just that no one is being charged for this month.


Now is an excellent time to share Crystal Heart with yer buddies. Many people don’t enjoy reading a comic in weekly instalments, and we know many are waiting for each chapter to end in order to then go back and read it all in one go. So for ease of reference:

Start reading True to Your Heart (chapter 5)

Start Crystal Heart from the beginning

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again in late March! Stay safe.