Yeah, maybe less discussion and more initiative!

I really like having my players roll “what I know” checks about their enemies, since it’s a great way to pour some information into their heads – bent through the lens of their perception, of course. The tension’s still there – “But what don’t I know, because I haven’t rolled high enough?” – and if they do roll very high, like getting two raises or passing a DC 25 check, I give them basically everything they want to know, and they feel awesome, because their character is knowledgeable and clever. It’s good to help your players feel smart.

In any case, whatever amount of knowledge they now possess, the player should be allowed to then gain some bonuses when acting on this, as in Raf’s Battle check (which also incorporates a bonus on account of the character’s background, another thing that should always be added when applicable)

Weekly Question

For the foreseeable future, we give our patrons the opportunity to present our players with a weekly question.

This week, Udi Y asked: “Name one thing your character doesn’t miss about their life before Syn.”

Rotem: There was a lack of purpose in Muna’s life pre-Syn. She was destined to inherit the role of clan ruler, so she had lots of freedoms compared to other people of her community – she was allowed to learn and experiment – but she saw how everyone else had a fixed position in life, and she wanted something like it. Being allowed to do anything was frightening, and it seemed like everyone is so calm and happy in their place. She wanted a place!

Guy: My parents. OHHHHH yes I went there

Lily: Not knowing where your next meal would come from. It was kinda harsh, because half of the time, the food had to be taken from someone else, and I didn’t like doing it.

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