To be clear: Muna made her Stealth check; Raf failed it so bad, that it even revealed Muna’s presence. And that’s the last we’ll be seeing of the new hat. Bye hat!

Weekly Question

For the foreseeable future, we give our patrons the opportunity to present our players with a weekly question.

This week, HurricaneHawk asked: “What’s been your favourite use of any Crystal’s power?”

Rotem: Obviously that time I used it for ‘mental-location’ to see where Contessa was in the room she filled with darkness. That’s why I switched from the red Crystal, to Rope Fiend – I loved coming up with that bit, and I wanted a Crystal that’s all about coming up with cool uses.

Lily: Walking past two guards and just turning off their minds, making them sleep. That’s what being a powerful Syn Agent’s allĀ about.

Guy: I don’t really use my Crystal in any special way. It’s a tool to protect me, while I’m being clever and, apparently, Taunt all the time.

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