I disagree with Nadav’s ruling here, perhaps for the first time in this comic. Savage Worlds (Adventure Edition) suggests that skills are used when the character tries to achieve something; if something is happening to her, she should roll an attribute. In this case, Strength instead of Athletics.

The reason Nadav chose Athletics, is because Raf’s Strength isn’t great, and he didn’t want her to fail because that would have sucked for Lily. I disagree, because I think that even by failing, Raf would only become Vulnerable – which means everyone has +2 on checks against her until her next turn – and that doesn’t much matter if no one attacks her. So he can decide that the assassin in front of them focuses on Muna (which is likely, anyway). More importantly, it doesn’t affect her chances of making a successful attack, which is the only thing Lily cares about anyway.

No weekly question this week, just an ask: be safe, fight for equality.

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