There are real things happening in the real world these days, and while we hope to provide some escapism with our weekly comic instalments, we also hope to encourage a wider understanding and support of these events. We’re not American, but as with many, many other things, the USA is leading a wider charge, this time regarding human rights and the proper place of police (and all government sanctioned force). #BlackLivesMatter, and if you’re unsure why we think that, or think that this declaration is an antithesis to ‘all lives matters’, I encourage you to check my Twitter feed – over the past few days I’ve retweeted many explanations and different approaches to this, and perhaps one of them will provide you with a satisfying answer. If you don’t find an answer there, I encourage you to email or DM me personally, and I will readily engage in a conversation; my details are easy enough to find, both on Twitter and Facebook.

For those who are already on the same wavelength as us, and would like to know what can be done to enact change, we encourage you to check Aviv’s and mine Tweeter feeds since we both retweet the best answers we can find.

On the Up to Four Player front, we will donate our share (65%) of all of our DriveThruRPG sales and DriveThruComics sales, and also our share (50%) of our DM’s Guild sales for the month of June to