Hey Natasha! Here’s the last time we saw her, back in Heart of Stone, and she has apparently since resigned her job working for a decorative statue.

We thought about making a joke based on her shooting skills, seeing as she famously never got to hit anyone during Heart of Stone, despite several efforts, but we weren’t sure if the readers would remember that, and also, it was sort of mean toward her.

A reminder:¬†we will donate our share (65%) of all of our DriveThruRPG sales and DriveThruComics sales, and also our share (50%) of our DM’s Guild sales for the month of June to blacklivesmatter.com.

Last week people were curious about the Adventure Deck and weren’t sure it’s a real thing, so here’s the full list of everything we offer:

Crystal Heart core book, currently Pay What You Want until the end of the pandemic, whenever that is.

Living in Syn, a big (40 pages) expansion, with lots of new stuff.

Full of Heart, offering 10 new Crystals.

Crystal Heart Action and Adventure Decks, a 54-card poker deck in Crystal Heart style and with portraits of the Heroic Agents, and a 52-card adventure Deck with unique adventure cards.

Crystal Heart Printable Miniatures, with lots of art from the book, and lots of new art as well.

Crystal Heart Tokens for Virtual Tabletops, currently Pay What You Want.

Five one-shot adventures written by various authors, including:

  • Delivery in a Wooosh, a chase on the high seas!
  • Ghosts of Iron, a pirate submarine!
  • Quick Take, strange burglaries!
  • Surf’s Way Up, surfing on whirlpools!
  • The Great Hunger, succumbing to dangerous shards!

Three Suggestions, a series of RP-invoking suggestions (with some rules) based around one concept. D&D-based rules are here, Dungeon World-based rules are here, but the rules aren’t the big sale here.

Venture Forth, a map-based, card-using storytelling game, in which you play a party of adventurers through their entire campaign. Developed based on the Quiet Year.