Yes, Muna calls out her attacks.

And yes, she literally calls out her attacks, because Rotem just didn’t come up with a better idea, yet. Let’s face it, she’ll probably never get around to doing that.

The last 2-3 pages were relatively thick with rules, since we wanted to give a good introduction to action scenes (we’ll be doing a few of these, in the future…) but that’s, basically, it! Ten pages in, we’ve sort of described everything we wanted to describe, relating to the Savage Worlds gaming system. You probably should buy it now.

(Last week I’ve asked if you’d like me to list the mechanical details missing from each page in the post; I’ll start doing that, and we’ll see if it sticks.)

On this page…

The wolf-beast’s Parry is 7 (Half of its d10 Fighting, + 2). So thanks to the +1 gang-up bonus (from having Mac next to the creature), and +1 from the cool stunt, she hits it exactly on the nose. Or arm, in this case.

With a Toughness of 8 (Half of its d10 Vigor, + 2, and another +1 from being big), she needs to get an 8 to make it Shaken. With a Raise on the roll, she would have also inflicted a wound – but she was just shy of a 12, so tough luck.

Still, because it’s now Shaken, even a single hit past its Toughness will be enough to defeat it. It’s time for Raffaella’s revennnngge

Note that Wild Cards – such as player characters and major NPCs – have 3 wound levels, not one. Wild Cards also get to roll the special d6 Wild Die (which the beast didn’t roll last page, as you might have noticed). So this is just a “regular” wolf-beast, not a major NPC – something the party have yet to realise.

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