Suspicious Lily is suspicious.

Everything supernatural is eventually linked to Crystals. The players know this, the headlines from this post were among of the first things Nadav told them about the game.

Also worthy of note: Apparently Raffaela’s remark about Bygone Age ruins was taken from the source material that Nadav gave Lily before the game; Lily was given semi-free reign to create cultural details about Bogovia, but all non-cultural facts, especially about the Bygone Age, are created and handed out by Nadav.

Also – Leadership crisis! Note the way Guy defuses a potential off-play argument by switching to his in-character voice. Now it’s no longer about which player will “win” and decide what they all do, but instead, it’s a part of the story they’re all telling about Muna’s trials as a leader.

On this Thursday’s post, I’ll show some of the table chatter we haven’t shown here – what the players said during the last few panels, and how it ended up with Rotem being excited for not having her way.

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