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Three Suggestions

The Three Suggestions… series is meant to give players and GMs some interesting and roleplay-provoking ideas, for use in all sorts of settings. Each set of suggestions is also accompanied by a new or variant rule, for use in either Fifth Edition or Dungeon World.

On you can find three suggestions for…

Interesting Inns
Bards Who Don’t Sing
Cohort Motivations
Strange Market Stalls

Over at, you can find three suggestions for…

Strange Half-Elves
Motivations for Characters Whose Parents Were Killed by Orcs
Things Your Intelligent Item is Doing Behind Your Back
Alternatives to Potions
Reasons to Shave Your Head
Interesting Mentors
Supernatural Weather

Gaming Marathon

On 17.9.16 we ran a D&D mini-marathon for charity, changing adventures and players every two hours. The viewers could dedicate their donations to strengthen either the heroes… or the monsters!

Roleplay Tools

A series of articles and suggestions with practical, useful tools for any roleplaying game, from before we started our weekly RPG post.

Enriching Scenes With Details – Details make scenes and characters more memorable, more interesting. They allow a story to flourish. They help differentiate and emphasize, so each session, each encounter, stand on their own. Here are a few easy to use tools that can help you add interesting details to any scene, on the spot.

Managing Expectations as the Basis for Fun – “Managing Expectations” is a short way of saying something quite complex: the need to ensure that every participant in the game, players and GM, has the same expectations about the genre, narrative style, operations of the rules, and the ways in which they can influence the story.

Combat Arenas From Lord of the Rings – Combat tends to be a big part of the story in most roleplaying games. To make sure they’re as interesting as can be, I occasionally look at the way other media handle physical engagements, in order to imitate the things I find they do best, the things they get right. Well, the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies have some excellent scenes! Continued in Combat Arenas From The Hobbit.

Question of the Week – After the session ends, one of the players comes up with a question that reflects something that happened in the session, and emails it to everyone. They all answer it during the week, and at the start of their next session, talk a bit a about it. Supreme joy ensues! Examples of Weekly Questions.

How I Won the Olympic GMing – The Olympic GMing is a yearly event in Israeli sci-fi and gaming conventions, in which up to 8 GMs compete for the yummy honor, and for some cool prizes contributed by various gaming companies. You get one hour to create a game. That game must use the event’s chosen theme – this time it was Mystery and Investigation – and it must include three ingredients, which are revealed to the GMs only at the start of the hour. Then you have to run the game twice, to two groups of five players, 2 hours each. The players and judges rate the GMs based on various points and questions. Then someone wins! This year I won, 2nd place.