We seek to entertain – both you and ourselves – and so we’ve decided to start a new roleplaying group. We’ve played lots of stuff in recent years – 13th Age, D&D 5, Savage Worlds, and more – but it seems Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition left its (Chaos) mark on us more than most. It’s those dice, those excellent custom dice. I would have recommended we play Force and Destiny, because Star Wars, and also because it’s basically the same system only tweaked a little better, but Aviv and her husband Evyatar aren’t into Star Wars (as you might remember), so we’re back to the bleak, grim world of Warhammer. Since Dassi and I also play lots of the bleak and grim Witcher games, everything settles into place nicely!

Aviv, being herself, already drew the player characters, and we only just created them. From left to right:

Brioche Crust, a human Battle-Hardened (background), Zealot (career): Having lost his wife and son to what, he has come to believe, was a group of Chaos cultists, Brichoe has become a zealot in the service of the gods, and of Sigmar above all. A veteran of The Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, he keeps the worn morning star he used to bash the greenskins, adorned with the teeth of his brethren zealots who fell in righteous combat. Poor, dirty, sleeping in the cellar of a small Sigmar shrine in Averheim, he’s a semi-known regular in the city’s poor districts, making sure the gods are respected, or else. Played by Evyatar.

Marion, a human Foreign Messenger, Apprentice Wizard of the Gold Order: An occasional visitor to Averheim, Marion is a young wizard in service of a master who tends to send her as an errand girl throughout the Empire. As a Gold Order wizard, she can shape chamon, the Yellow Wind, and affect metal in various ways. She did not, actually, earn the right to cover her face with a golden mask – the tell-tale sign of full fledged (and rich) Gold wizards – but she uses it still, for aesthetic reasons, covering the horrible burn marks on her face. Because Dassi.

“Fair” Agnes, a human Criminal, Apothecary: Envisioned by Aviv as “Walter White mid season 3”, Agnes is a kind looking woman aged 50 or so, a local apothecary in one of Averheim’s slums, who is conspicuously without a family. Trying to grow her somewhat-lucrative underground drug business, Agnes is usually business-like in her demeanor,  and she always seem like she might be a bit more aggressive than she looks. She’s currently heading the party’s investigation into the disappearances by the docks – as a friend to Marion and an acquaintance of Brioche, and also as a business owner in an underworld that is suddenly growing even more dangerous than usual.

I will play the humble part of a GM, by way of running the boxed campaign The Enemy Within. We will probably write some more about this campaign here and there – and we’re gonna use it as inspiration for an upcoming roleplay game of our webcomic characters – but I’ll always try to avoid spoilers. Some of you might want to try it yourself!