Two Players and Up is a short podcast in which Eran and Aviv provide some insights into the making of the strip, recommend various geeky stuff, and invoke, always invoke.
The intro and outro are taken from “Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

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Patron Song
Every podcast episode we sing praise to our patrons, using their names. In this one: Daan, Dan Hamutal and OM.

2:05 Twitch Their Own
The strip, and our Cast page.
Our own marathon had rules and games.
Rotem’s favorite show is of course Eldflugor I Mina Ogon.
Is she actually a cylon?

5:30 Art Thou For Real?
The strip, and his previous appearance, which is also Emily’s introduction. She’s not really into all that “kindly and pleasantly” stuff.

8:50 Aviv’s Sleepless Night


13:40 Eran Playtests His Adventure

17:20 Eran Played in AetherCon
AetherCon’s website. And Roll20, if you don’t know it already.
Shadowrun Anarchy (affiliate link)
I can’t seem to find the specific panel I was talking about, but here’s their channel.
Savage World Deadlands Noir (affiliate link)
The Gauntlet on G+.
Savage Shot is the group I’ve talked about.

23:00 Eran Bought Mage Knight
Buy it from Leisure Games (they have a new website, by the way).