The wargaming miniature hobby is basically two hobbies in one: Painting cool stuff, and playing cool stuff. I personally enjoy the prospect of both, but in actuality, neither is applicable to me.

Painting tiny miniatures is a skill I’d like to have, it seems… impressive, and certainly satisfying. Using your hands is cool. Also, just devoting several long hours to a single semi-creative task, maybe with a podcast in the background, seems like a great way to relax. Unfortunately, my life simply has no empty inventory spaces for such a time consuming activity. Maybe after I’ll retire, in 8,430,200 years. (I plan to live for quite some time, thank you.)

The actual wargaming thing is, again, sadly not feasible. In my close vicinity I have too few skirmish-lovers – my main gaming groups include players who mostly enjoy co-op or theme-heavy adventures. Which is great (I love these games as well), but that also means I have to go out of my close group in search of new players. That won’t happen, for two reasons: First, it requires me buying a game that won’t see a table any time soon, and in wargaming, “buying a game” is actually more like “buying several costly expansions”. Second, the mere act of searching for players, and then arranging games with them, out of my usual game time with my usual groups, is simply too time consuming. I already have too much other things to do and play with my existing groups.

But I’m prepared. I’m prepared for that day, when my wife suddenly develops a taste for measuring distances, or when a buddy suddenly asks “hey, can we maybe meticulously choose units and abilities based on a point-buy system.” I have about 250£ worth of X-Wing, bought at a bargain price from an ex-player. The day will come. Oh ,it will.

I already have the dress ready.


On today’s new podcast we talk about winning Codenames: Pictures thanks to Gaming Rules, playtesting Star Trek Adventures thanks to Modiphius, playing Civ 6 thanks to Gamepod, and D&D, because of course.

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