I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords.

My wife really likes co-op games, as I’ve already mentioned a strip or two ago. She enjoys playing against someone who challenges her, but she doesn’t want them to win (it makes her mad), while at the same time, she doesn’t want to win herself (the others might get offended!). So you see how the new wave of app-based games from Fantasy Flight Games is totally our thing. Thanks to the app, there’s an interesting challenge, both reactive and proactive, but all of the players who have feelings are on the same side! Unless computers secretly have feelings, and then we’re all doing a horrible, terrible things to them, each and every day.

Problem is, I enjoy being a lone player, pitted against a party. I don’t usually get to do that in RPGs, because I’m not an adversarial GM – I’m trying to make sure everyone gets the type of fun they’re looking for. An adversarial board game allows me to go all out, because it’s what the game is all about  – but I don’t get enough chances to play those. So if you were wondering who’s the audience for Apparty, it’s me!


In today’s new podcast we talk about subversion; The Cool Thing From Eran’s D&D Session; Mythos Tales arrived; Toffeecraft; and Aviv’s adventures in Israel and Inktober.

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