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Oh, the places we’ve been! As we said before, the guys played the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, which is a great gateway game into the system and/or RPGs in general.
And after that? The full game! 448 pages of gaming goodness. There are actually three games, all compatible with each other, with links to buy from Book Depository (free shipping everywhere):
  • Edge of the Empire, scoundrels and rogues on the fringes of the galaxy (affiliate link)
  • Age of Rebellion, commit yourself to the cause, and fight stormtroopers and AT-STs in daring missions (affiliate link)
  • Force and Destiny, re-discover the ancient Jedi secrets as a Force-sensitive on the run from the Empire (affiliate link)

In other news, we’ve uploaded a new storytelling game video, in which we play The Quiet Year. Check it out!

Also, Israeli readers: the translation of Little Wizards, a roleplaying game for kids and parents, is now in crowdfunding – and already past the 200% funding! (18,000 NIS, which is about 5,000 USD). If you’re a parent, or you know a parent, or you have nephews, or you’re a child at heart, check out the Little Wizards – קוסמים קטנים. And please, share with others!
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