Savage Worlds loves subsystems; here’s one in which the players and the GM create a structured evil plot, and then resolve it in a Quick Encounter sort of way. Great for one shots. Check out the Savage Worlds Adventure Guild (SWAG) for lots of stuff like that, created by the community!

Why use a subsystem in the first place? Well, different people like different things, some just enjoy rolling and resolving; The GM might not know how to achieve a specific experience, and so they can use a subsystem to evoke that for them; And it does the work for you, so it saves time and lets you invest in other stuff.

Aviv’s Charity Art Stream

On the 3rd of May (Early May bank holiday Monday and incidentally a day before her birthday), Aviv will be doing a charity art stream supporting Gendered Intelligence, a charity that aims to improve trans people’s lives in the UK and increase understanding of gender diversity.

Get your D&D character drawn, support a good cause, and watch Aviv try to multitask for several hours! She has developed a lovely chat environment, and an interesting, engaging streaming persona.

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