Quick reminder: Adventure Cards are awesome, they give the players new ways to energise the game and surprise the GM, and that’s all good and very much in the spirit of fast, furious fun! Also, these actually exist, we created a whole deck suitable for the Crystal Heart world and style of play.

Another quick reminder: If you want to take risks, but it goes against the vibe of the group and the play style that you all consider acceptable, be a kind player and talk it out with your friends; and if you notice a player is about to take such a risk, call them out on it but be responsible with their feelings just like you want them to be responsible with yours. Talk things out!

Savage Worlds in Hebrew – Let the Crowdfunding Begin!

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, the awesome combination of SW with the fantasy world of PF, is the next big roleplaying game to hit the Israeli market – which is quite a rare occurrence! And because it’s a big deal, it’s also costly and complicated. You can help it happen when you support the crowdfunding – which is also an excellent deal that includes the PDF versions and all stretch goals (hopefully!).

I’m the translator for all the books, so I’m biased – but I’m also the writer for a Savage Worlds comics that’s been running for 4 years now, so you already knew that.