Of course that card exists, do you think we’ll just make it up? Although I guess that technically we did make it up.

One who checks Jet’s description might ask how can it help dry anything. Well, Lily believes that “highly pressurised energy” can be interpreted to be “hair dryer”. Now she just needs to convince the GM.
Okay, first she needs the Crystal, then she needs to convince the GM.
Okay, it would be a lot more sensible to first check with the GM and only then act, but, Lily.

Savage Worlds in Hebrew – Crowdfunding Now!

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, the awesome combination of SW with the fantasy world of PF, is the next big roleplaying game to hit the Israeli market! Our funding goal has been achieved, and now we reach for stretch goals – more yummy SWPF PDFs. Support the crowdfunding, it’s also an excellent deal on the books (which include the PDF versions!)

Half full disclosure: I’m the translator for all the books, so I’m biased.
The other half is empty.