I swear I really liked turtles before I started writing this chapter, now I’m much less interested in their wellbeing and might even wish some of them harm.

The 2nd Hall of Hybrids Tournament

Hear ye! Check out Aviv’s Tweeter (here below) and vote for the most most among all of the 2nd gen of hybrids. And follow her Twitch channel to chill with her as she draws the newest ones!

Savage Worlds in Hebrew – Crowdfunding Now!

We’re fully funded, and now we reach for stretch goals! Support the crowdfunding, it’s also an excellent deal on the books (which include the PDF versions!)

Half full disclosure: I’m the translator.
I also wrote two SWPF Hebrew one-shot dungeons, available to anyone who wants to run them at conventions or the like (and great for first time GMs, as well). Send me a message so I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group of Savage enthusiasts.