Just, don’t plan.

Oh hey, we’re not affiliated with Bundle of Holding, but the latest one is an interesting collection of various good indie stuff, so I recommend checking it out. Also, if you’re into 5e, you should def check out this bundle from Humble Bundle, it’s a brilliant price for some great 3rd party monster manuals, a famous megadungeon, and Dungeon Crawl Classics which I will never not recommend.

We don’t usually recommend stuff like that and we’re not going to start now, so if you want more recommendations like these in the future, either follow me on Twitter or in my Discord, I’ll try to share everything I find interesting.

Ah, and also, the Hebrew Savage Pathfinder crowdfunding was a great success, soon available in stores!

The 2nd Hall of Hybrids Tournament

Check out Aviv’s Tweeter (here below) and vote for the most most among all of the 2nd gen of hybrids. And follow her Twitch channel to chill with her as she draws the newest ones!