Guy has been feeling that Mac isn’t going anywhere.

Rotem’s Muna had leadership issues, and a rival, and a fiancé who is now with the party, etc, etc, so many interesting RP moments!

Lily seems to be able to push Raf into any sort of situation and come out satisfied with the result – failure, success, it doesn’t matter, it’s her “being in the now” attitude that seem to satisfy her.

Guy had two interesting RP moments, and they were both with siblings. Which he didn’t create, he asked the GM to make them for him. He’s been feeling like he’s missing something, like Mac is on cruise speed and there’s nothing to look forward on the horizon.

It seems like Nadav noticed that, which is why he started this whole “foxes in your mind” subplot for Mac only. And it seems like Guy is grabbing the reins of the capybison, willing to use this opportunity to get out of his comfort zone. He probably listened to my episode about making strong emotional choices.


In other news, physical copies of my game Menagerie of the Void are available through Leisure Games, and Aviv is going to start a second Hall of Hybrids!