This page might show most everything I like about Crystal Heart – an unexplained pile of junk in the middle of a beautiful landscape, acting as a catalyst for character development, inspired by ancient conspiracies.

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Hebrew speakers, I’d like to point you at this:

חרבות וכשפים – הערכה למתחיל!

It’s a starter set for Swords & Wizardry, a D&D-like game (“retroclone”) that was also translated to Hebrew (for free, also here), inspired by “the red box” of the early days. The contents of the box were purposefully designed for beginners, with some changes on the S&W rules, all aimed to allow newcomers to the hobby to become players and GMs on their own.

I worked on some of the translation and contributed a bit to the box, but I’m not getting money out of this. I’m pretty sure they won’t be getting much as well, if any – this is mostly a volunteering project. Please consider buying a copy – and spreading the word is very helpful as well!