DUM-DUM-DUUUM!┬áIt’s final fight time, y’all!!

This image was the inspiration from which the entire adventure was created, really.

New Crystal Heart adventure!

For years now, Exotic Ingredients has been my go-to CH convention game, because it’s funny, it doesn’t require you to know any CH lore, and it has a controllable pace so you can make sure you’ll fit it within the time constraints.

In it, the mighty Agents of Syn run around an island in search of weird ingredients, up against various strange groups, taking part in a superlative-filled… cooking competition. There’s a thing with a banana.

You can listen to us playing the adventure on the One Shot Podcast, and check out the Semi Co-op strip inspired by it. Some spoilers in both, of course.


Wanna play in the world of Crystal Heart?