Getting a Heart suit on the initiative card allows Muna to fly, and no one’s yet sure why, but it’s still nice when it happens!

As a reminder, the one-shot Exotic Ingredients is now available through DriveThruRPG, for all of your convention game needs.

A New Dungeon Adventure

Do you play D&D? Check out my new dungeon adventure (with a map by Aviv), One Last Tribute, now on DM’s Guild!

This adventure was one of the winners of the One Page Dungeon competition eight years (!) ago, but its origin is even older than that: It’s actually the first adventure I ever ran for Aviv, Evyatar and Dassi, circa 2006. It was the first time Evyatar ever played D&D, so I wanted to come up with something cool. I think it worked!


Wanna play in the world of Crystal Heart?