Captain Fabiola Olivia Frachtenhauzer at your service! …But not in this scene.

Allowing an NPC to have a big influence on the action – for example, stopping a fleeing enemy – is a risky move. As a GM, one of my main objectives is to be a fan of the characters, which means, I should want them to have the main agency on the narrative; they should make it happen, it shouldn’t just happenĀ to them. However, this is a rule of thumb, not an eternal directive from the Heavens. After all, the characters don’t exist, they’re just tools used by the players, who are the actual people that matter here. And players can enjoy their experience with the game through many means – being in control of it is the primary one, but not the only one.

In this case, Nadav tries to paint a wider picture, to build on a thicker scaffolding – doing what exactly, we can’t yet say, but in a page or two, you’ll be able to judge if he succeeded.

Role-playing in the world of Crystal Heart!