Just because we no longer draw initiative, that doesn’t mean the tension is over!


Today’s new episode of On the Shoulders of Dwarves focuses on customising the campaign to (and for) the players, with some advice inspired by Nadav and the gang and also by our own 50 Fathoms gaming group.

The big news, however, are about next week’s episode, in which we’ll have Sean Patrick Fannon as a guest. SPF is a big name in the Savage World industry, being the man behind the award-winning fantasy setting Shaintar, as well as being the brand manager for the super-successful Savage Rifts. His new Savage Worlds project is Freedom Squadron, “a Love Letter to 80’s Cartoon Action Heroes”, and it’s on Kickstarter right now! It has some very interesting mechanics for generation of random but engaging missions for the players; we’ll be discussing this mechanic and several others as well.

In other news: Aviv just keeps watching and drawing Critical Role, and who can blame her? Even got a reply from Matt Mercer and Travis Willingham, because of course she did.

Finally, a slight change in schedule: Our RPG articles weren’t making the impact we had hoped for; instead, we’ll switch to doing Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) on our socials, shining some light on the strips from our first two years, while also switching gears behind the scenes, redirecting that writing effort toward speeding up the completion of the Crystal Heart setting book.