Me: I have nothing much to say about today’s page. Do you have anything?

Aviv: We can let it speak for itself.

Aviv: I’ll record Draculetta, you do the Valet.

Me: I’ll flow with it.

3 minutes later, receives an email from Aviv with MP3 in it

Me: Ah no now I have to do one as well!!

Me: I suspected that if I’ll write that I’ll flow, you’ll flow as well.

Aviv: Yes, at first it was a joke, but then you turned it real. Dangerous.

Flow (v), from the Hebrew “Lizrom”, literally “flowing”, meaning “I’ll go with that, sure”. See Natalie Portman for proof



Today’s new episode of On the Shoulders of Dwarves is an interview with Sean Patrick Fannon, who wrote some of the most well-known and well-played Savage Worlds games, such as Shaintar and Savage Rifts.

We talk about his new Kickstarter, Freedom Squadron, which is inspired by the action cartoon TV series of the 80’s, and we discuss some of the new mechanics and concept it introduces. As you probably already know, I’m an avid fan of interesting mechanical solutions – check out the episode for the dits, as well as some pretty freaking awesome praise by SPF, for the comics.

In other Savage Worlds news, I have a small part in a different Kickstarter: Savage Tokusatsu! It’s about huge monsters and combining mecha and transforming heroes and what not, and one of the stretch goals have a one-sheet adventure written by me.