I’ve been writing so much about the Bygone Age in our RPG book, I almost forgot that readers of the comics haven’t actually encountered this concept more than, like, twice, and both of those times were in the first issue (about 144,249 years ago).

Our Bygone Age is, of course, a type of Precursor civilisation that’s quite common in many anime and JRPGs. On the surface, it’s just an excuse for having advanced and rare tech laying around, as well as some dangerous robotic enemies. And that’s fun and good, but as with all trappings, a good story/game should also go deeper, and have a plot-relevant reason for the precursors and their disappearance. I would like to think we’re presenting a good story here; some Truth about Your Heart is coming.

Regarding Nadva’s brain fart: This happens, of course this happens, to all GMs, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing that happens, none of us is perfect. The question is how does one deal with this, and I think the best way is to be honest with the players, explain you did not consider this vitally-important detail despite it being obviously vitally-important from the beginning of your own narrative, and then solve it in some way.

In this case, they solve it by, basically, ignoring it. Nadav just slaps some wings and a jet engine on a tank, because it’s easy, and allows us to circumvent any further dwelling on this matter. BUT, any experienced GM might now say, this is also a precedence that means Tu’ali can fly in a tank, and also, all tanks might be able to fly. This is, theoretically, a big deal. Thankfully, in this case, Nadav was already allowing the customisation of tanks (he has the rules from Living in Syn!), so this isn’t necessarily too much of a sidelining of what’s possible and expected.

We’ve Upgraded Our Website!

After many years of using a slightly-hiccupy theme, with some mobile-viewing issues, Aviv and Ev, the web duo (they’re both currently being eaten by a giant spider), remodeled and upgraded our website. Behold our new pages for the Crystal Heart RPG, all of our comics (replacing the previous archive), and the store! We’ve also updated the cast page.