There’s a lot to be said for dungeon crawling, it’s an excellent sort of fun. I’m mid-process of selecting a system to run the megadungeon Barrowmaze (currently thinking Black Hack, Maze Rats, Fire Torches Deep or Best Left Buried, and eyeing Shadow of the Demon Lord and also Forbidden Lands), which is all about playing every inch of walking down the corridor, more or less.

Savage Worlds, though, isn’t really about that sort of thing. There’s a dungeon, sure, and there’s danger, of course, but the best way to resolve it, in my opinion, is with a montage-like Dramatic Task and not by simulating every corridor. When you sit down to play Savage Worlds in general, and Crystal Heart specifically, a realistic crawl is not the sort of fun you want out of the experience; tracking torches, and even monetary rewards, are simply not the focus of the game. That’s why Dramatic Tasks work well, with their abstract yet mechanically precise method of determining success (and sudden complications). I think they should be about as common as combats in Savage Worlds games, and I wish D&D 5 had incorporated some development of the Skill Challenges of 4.