There’s a lot to unpack here:

The word “death” might have been an exaggeration; the word “giant” was not; the word “robot” is still up to debate.

Yes, Crystals are from the Bygone Age and are generally considered to be the highest achievement of Bygone tech; No, no one has ever found any Bygone designs, tools or factories related to Crystals.

Excessive success is a personal favorite of mine. Lily gets too many raises and therefore, that happens (for whatever yet-unknown reason). I find the binary of success/failure too simplistic, which is why I enjoy systems like Savage Worlds (which has raises, and therefore, degrees of success), but I also find ever-escalating-success to be, sometimes, unsatisfying. “Rolling higher is always better” is very heroic, for sure, but not every story needs to be heroic, and not every moment needs to be heroic. Sometimes, it’s great to have “bad”, or at least unexpected consequences for a great success, representing oneself for pushing too much, wasting effort, or becoming, well. We’ll get to there.

Aviv’s New Art Project – Now on Kickstarter!

It’s an illustrated, edited version of the classic novel of adventure and romance “The Three Musketeers”, with a few subtle changes, as you’ll note from the cover. Aviv already did some initial art, Scott Fitzgerald Gray is the developer, and it’s on Kickstarter right now.