Ohohohohohoh, that’s a sneaky thing to do, you sneaky NPC you!


  • I love how this whole adventure is basically only two rooms.
  • Regarding Contessa’s bowl of desserts, last week’s RPG article talks about it at length.
  • The power Contessa uses is Light/Obscure. Her Crystal has control over light and darkness.
  • No, she hasn’t returned the Crystal yet up to this point. The players sort of forgot about it, once Draculetta introduced herself and drew their attention, which is why Nadav did it.


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Aviv wanted to practice some character art, so she turned to our patrons and asked them to describe their characters; you won’t be surprised to hear she got about 35,900 responses (which is amazing, considering we have about 110 patrons); she’s posting them on her Facebook page and Twitter account.

I wanted to draw fantasy characters based on description, so instead of just googling random ones, I turned to our Up to Four Players Patreon supporters, who've played some fantastic characters.

Posted by Aviv Or – Illustrator on Friday, January 12, 2018

On today’s new On the Shoulders of Dwarves, Uri and I discuss the marvellous “11 ways to be a better roleplayer” article, which we love so very much, and sort of re-phrase it to make it even better. We consider it a must for any roleplayer, which is not a thing we say lightly.

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